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teacher PD March 2017

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•     Investigate Moreton Bay corals, the importance and environmental issues such as coral bleaching.
•     Utilise CoralWatch tools and curriculum linked materials to bring the reef into your classroom.
•     Explore Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre (MBEEC) and the boat ‘MV Inspiration’.


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Learning outcomes

•    Find out about the latest science on the status of reefs and reef conservation
•    Learn how to apply CoralWatch tools and materials to the curriculum
•    Get the tools and knowledge you need to engage your students in a global reef monitoring program

There will be two academic session and one day in the field on board of Passions of Paradise visiting 2 outer reef sites.


heron islandheron

3-6 October 2014 - 'Caring for Corals' at Heron Island
for senior science, marine & geography teachers

• Three-night/four-day workshop for senior science, marine and geography teachers, or any educator wanting to find out more about reef science.
• Includes lectures, hands-on classroom and field activities and take-home materials.

This in-depth workshop will focus on reef health, coral bleaching and the importance of reef conservation. Through academic lectures, snorkelling and reefwalking sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the biodiversity of coral reefs and the threats they face. In addition to using the Coral Health Chart we will look at other monitoring techniques and indicators of reef health. Together we will design and establish a new permanent CoralWatch transect for future monitoring. Back in the classroom, we will determine how you can inspire your students with CoralWatch resources such as the Virtual Reef, the Reef Education Package and the curriculum-linked ‘Healthy Reefs, From Polyp to Policy’ unit plan.