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CoralWatch promotes healthy reefs through education, research and monitoring of coral bleaching. Over the last decade, we have achieved impressive engagement in over 75 countries. We are now actively campaigning in order to raise funds to continue our work. Your support will help us to support healthy reefs. To donate online simply select ‘CoralWatch’ as your giving destination. Alternatively you can download a Giving Form and direct your donation to CoralWatch, Queensland Brain Institute.

We also have corporate sponsorship packages we can tailor to your company’s interests (see an example) Contact us to discuss.


We have teamed up with Everyday Hero to allow you to help CoralWatch fundraise!  Everyday Hero gives you the ability to create your own online fundraising page and gather donations for CoralWatch. In just minutes you can create your own page and start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues, asking them to make a donation and make a difference to a cause you believe in. Become a Everyday and CoralWatch Hero and start fundraising for CoralWatch today!


CoralWatch is seeking funding for the following special projects. To support a particular project, please make your donation online (or via a giving form) and contact us directly to advise which project you would like your donation to support.

Bleached boulder coral

Project 1: Global Coral Bleaching Event 3 is here - the time to act is now!

A third global coral bleaching event has began with corals across the tropical Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans already bleaching. This event is currently the greatest threat facing coral reefs around the world and is expected to continue well into 2016. To understand the extent of this potentially record breaking event, we want to mobilise the global network of CoralWatch volunteers to gather data on coral health prior, during and after the event at representative reefs around the world. This data will help us quantify the impact of this bleaching event and assess the ability of corals to recover. This is of particular importance as the occurrence of major bleaching events continues to increase with climate change. There are too few scientists and too many reefs to monitor the extent of this bleaching event globally, but with the help of citizen scientists we can do it!

The time has come to act and CoralWatch needs your help!

  • Support to print and distribute Coral Health Charts throughout the community.
    In return for your investment, CoralWatch will provide:
    • Your logo/company name printed on the Coral Health Charts.
    • Extensive marketing via the distribution of Charts to a diverse audience
    • Positive brand association with a trusted institution - The University of Queensland
    • International recognition of your company’s support of the GBR, citizen science, community education and environmental stewardship via the CoralWatch website,products and social media (>5000 followers)

Bleached boulder coral

Project 2: CoralWatch Ambassador Program Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific

The CoralWatch Ambassadors Programme will work with students, school teachers and community members. Through intensive workshops, and ongoing mentoring, Ambassadors will gain the skills, knowledge and resources to become effectual environmental leaders within their communities and conduct meaningful coral monitoring activities. The program will start in Indonesia and roll out through Australia and the Pacific as a pilot. Trained Ambassadors will perform regular coral monitoring activities, distribute educational materials and give presentations to local schools, organise local conservation activities and raise the awareness of their wider community. Ambassadors will become stewards of their reefs now, and into the future.


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Project 3:Coral Reefs and Climate Change Book – a guide for primary school children

Building on the success of our 2012 book, ‘Coral Reefs and Climate Change: the guide for education and awareness', we will produce a new book that presents integrated and age appropriate information about coral reefs and marine conservation for primary school students. This project will produce a valuable recourse for children, educators and families worldwide. The book will support primary school teachers to teach marine science in the classrooms across Australia, and the world, and encourage younger generations to act for our reefs. We are seeking funding printing of 2000 copies of the book, project management, salaries and promotion.


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Project 4: Mobile apps

In 2015, CoralWatch developed mobile apps to support reef monitoring and education activities. The apps are available in English and Bahasa Indonesia. CoralWatch aims to update, further develop and translate the apps into more languages to increase their effectiveness and maximize the project's outreach.