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Media Overview - CoralWatch National Science Week 'Corals in the Outback Sustainability Tour' August 2018

Spotlight on Citizen Science - DiveLog Australasia

July 2018



In pictures:a close-up look at the Great Barrier Reef’s bleaching - The Conversation, 13 April 2016 (PDF)

Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching at 95% in northern section - ABC 7:30pm Report, 28 March 2016

Dramatic images of Great Barrier Reef dying - CNN International, 22 March 2016

Coral Bleaching: QLD Government invites Prime Minister Turnbull to visit reef - ABC, 24 March 2016

school dives for data
 jakarta post
indo booklaunch
Losing Nemo - Aesop Media, 18 March 2016Rockhampton grammar students dive for world data - The Bulletin, 14 October 2013 (PDF)

Minister, ambassador launch Coral Reef and Climate Change Guide
The Jakarta Post, May 2011

Booklaunch Indonesia
All media releases
May 2011
UQ news online article July 27 2010explore book review
book review beyond blue magazine
 book review AMSA bulletin
Setting the record straight on coral reefs and climate change
UQ News Online
July 2010

Book review
Coral Reefs and Climate Change

Explore (Australian Museum Magazine Winter 2010)

 Book review
Coral Reefs and Climate Change
Beyond Blue Magazine Issue 8

Book review
Coral Reefs and Climate Change

AMSA bulletin 182 - Issue 1, 2010
 UQ news March 2010

Qantas magazine

Newsletter NOAACourier Mail, November 2009
  Reef resource encourages action
UQ News
March 2010
Science in the sand
Qantas The Australian Way, February 2010
CRW Contributes to publication on coral
reefs and climate change
Coral Reefs News,
December 2009
North Stradbroke's marine research centre is worth a visit 
Courier Mail,
November 2009
 UQ press release

 Borneo bulletin april 2009

article UQ newspress release Dice the Earth Day

New book aims to help public protect reefs for future generations
UQ Press release,
November 2009

Divers, students make difference for coral reefs
 Borneo Bulletin Online,
April 2009

Scientists keep watch
UQ News,
April 2009

Dive the Earth Day 2009
Press release Ed Egypt,
April 2009

 UQ news online feb 2009sunshine coast article
 UQ news online June 2008 Undersea Journal December 2007
UQ scientist ready to learn from coral bleaching
UQ News Online,
February 2009
Students get a learned hand
Sunshine Coast Daily
March 2008
 UQ’s CoralWatch joins forces with international reef monitoring program
UQ News Online,
June 2008
The evolution of CoralWatch
Undersea Journal, December 2007