Past events

 heron PDcaring for corals workshopcoralwatch group paul gauguin cruise

3-6 October 2014, Heron Island, Australia, Senior Science PD Workshop: 'CARING FOR CORALS',

Twelve teachers attended our 4-day workshop. We had a busy program including lectures, practical sessions and lots of fieldwork where we could enjoy the beautiful weather. In the field we used several monitoring methods, established two new permanent transects and explored sites while snorkelling.

21 September 2013, Caring for Corals teachers workshop

Twelve teachers attended this one-day workshop on North Stradbroke Island, Australia. It included presentations on status of the reefs, Moreton Bay corals and hands-on field and classroom activities. The workshop also showed how to apply CoralWatch tools and materials to the new curriculum.

16-26 March 2013, Paul Gauguin Cruises

CoralWatch gave a presentation on board of the Paul Gauguin Cruises 'Monitoring Coral Reefs’, as part of a lecture series together with Dr. Chris Roelfsema (UQ, Coral Reef Remote Sensing lecturer/researcher). A group of tourists participated in CoralWatch monitoring on Motu Mahana, and additional data has been collected from various sites - diving and snorkeling- in French Polynesia and Cook Islands (visit map).

Teachers conference Stradbroke island workshop scienceweek event
30 November 2012, Science Teachers Association Queensland - Conference, QUT, Brisbane, Australia30 August 2012, UQ workshop with Japanese Environmental Students, North Stradbroke Island, Australia17-18 August 2012, National Science Week, CoralWatch workshops, Wellington Point, QLD, Australia
Lady Elliot - EarthWatchICRS boothMakassar
July 2012, 4-day CoralWatch Workshop on Lady Elliot, Australia with participants from EarthWatch China.

Apart from learning how to use the Coral Health Chart this workshop focused on general reef education.

9 - 13 July 2012, International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, QLD, Australia. CoralWatch and ReefCheck shared a booth at the conference.
Angela Dean presented 'Identifying patterns of coral bleaching using CoralWatch data'.

May 2012, CoralWatch visited Indonesia to launch the new Reef Education Package Indonesia with all materials in Bahasa Indonesia. Materials were introduced during various workshops and seminars in Makassar, Manado and Jakarta.
booth at ODEXworkshop participantsange presenting at symposium Indonesia

7 - 9 October 2011, Oceania Dive Expo, Brisbane RNA Showgrounds, QLD.

With dive operators, conservation organisations and representatives from various tourist destinations worldwide, CoralWatch made sure to spread the word to the general public and exhibitors about the difference they can make! Many local and visiting divers attended over the 3 days, most of which left inspired with CoralWatch chart in hand...or BCD pocket!

26 September 2011, CoralWatch workshop, University of Hassanudin, Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

18 students and 2 marine science staff members from the University attended a workshop at the research station on  Barang Lompo Island. After a classroom introductory session real data was collected while snorkeling in the field. The data was analysed later in the evening. All participants received a certificate.

28-30 September 2011, The 2nd Coral Reef Management Symposium on Coral Triangle area, Kendari, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

CoralWatch gave a presentation 'The Coral Health Chart - A tool for reef managers to monitor coral bleaching & engage communities in coral monitoring' and conducted a virtual workshop using a virtual reef with 40 participants showing how easy it is to get involved with coral reef monitoring.

MTAQ conferencebooklaunch JakartaMoreton bay open day
26-29 September 2011, With approximately 40 teachers from across Queensland attending, Dave and Craig ran transects and demonstrated the educational significance of CoralWatch’s materials.

20 May 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia, Booklaunch Terumbu Karang dan Perubahan Iklim
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20 November 2010 - Open Day Moreton Bay Research Station, North Stradbroke Island, QLD
byron bay writers festivalUQ open daybook launch customshouse
6-8 August 2010,  Byron Bay Writers Festival, Byron Bay, NSW1 August 2010, UQ Open Day, The University of Queensland, Brisbane23 July 2010, Booklaunch and Media event with Her Excellency, Ms Penelope Wensley AO Customshouse, Brisbane.  Read more
The Coral Recovery Game at the Annerley Sustainability FairEva and Cassie at the Green Heart Fair

Everyone always learns something new in the Coral Reefs and Climate Change Factoid Quiz

19 June, 2010,  Annerley Sustainability Fair  Junction Park State School, QLD

16 May, 2010, Green Heart Fair  Chermside, QLD

18 April 2010, Brisbane, University of Queensland Centenary Celebration

That Coral Recovery game sure is popular!

Cassie sharing Coral Reefs and Climate Change at the Adelaide conference

Book launch at Mary Ryan's

13 March 2010, Brisbane, Green Earth Festival

19-21 February 2010, Adelaide, Learning for life Conference

8 December 2009, Mary Ryans, Milton, Booklaunch
by John Pandolfi, Professor in Palaeoecology and Marine Studies at the University of Queensland.

Moreton Bay research station open day

 Great Barrier Reef field trip

 The CoralWatch team presenting the book
21 November 2009, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island, Open Day Moreton Bay Research Station
Aunty Joan, a Ngugi elder from Stradbroke Island, launched our ‘hot of the press’ book “Coral Reefs and Climate Change”. The first signed copies were sold on the day.
October 2009, Cairns, Global Environment Facility (GEF) conference
CoralWatch Workshop and Fieldtrip to the Great Barrier Reef.
 September 2009, Darwin, 84th Australian Coral Reef Society Conference
CoralWatch attended the annual conference and presented the first digital proof of the book “Coral Reefs and Climate Change”.

Justin and Dave at the ICRS conference

 School visit

July 2008, Japan, International Coral Reef Symposium

February 2008, School visit Sunshine Coast Grammar School
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 All events took place in Australia unless stated otherwise.