CoralWatch For Kids


We are enlisting Australian youth as advocates for the Reef. 


Last year the International Society of Reef Studies issued a consensus statement, stating that to prevent the global collapse of coral reef ecosystems, global temperatures need to be limited to less than 2˚C above preindustrial temperatures in the short-term and under 1.5 ˚C in the long-term.

In a brilliant step forward for all coral reefs, oceans, the earth and humans, the 195 countries participating at the COP21 meeting last December signed the Paris Agreement. This agreement states that all countries will reduce their carbon outputs as soon as possible to limit global warming to well below 2˚C.

Now this global agreement and target has been set, it is time to implement policies and practices that will ensure these targets are meet. This is obviously a difficult but critical task – one that we, as global citizens, need to support our leaders to achieve.

The following CoralWatch tasks are open-ended. They include:-

Classroom activity 1

Completing the address list for COP21 and other relevant targets for advocacy.

Classroom activity 2

1. Write a letters regarding a reef related issue and suggested solutions to a suitable person in power.
2. Choose an issue or reef threat that you already know a little bit about.
3. Identify your audience (minister of environment, fisheries manager, prime minister, newspaper editor, etc.).
4. Research their role, correct title and address.
5. Include in your letter:

  1. main idea – problem and solution - what do you want the person to do?
  2. reason
  3. evidence to back it up

6. Format and finish the letter appropriately.
7. Swap letters with another and write a response to their letter, pretending you are the person the letter is addressed to (you may have to research their position and possibly their opinion on the subject first – look for other projects or ideas they support).
8. Decide whether you actually want to send the letter you have written (only you can make that choice).